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Electric Paintings That Speak To Your Soul

Although most artwork speaks to its viewer, the electric paintings created by Dave Archer speak to one's soul. They are conversation pieces that appeal to a variety of audiences—from children to the elderly—of universal human appeal. They are a magical, 3D experience, you'll want to continually gaze at with family and friends, pondering your place in the universe. Purchase one of his colorful pieces from our gallery, or several for a collection, to display in your home or office.


The Creation Archer's Masterpieces

Working with a hand-held metal wand, or "lightning brush," that is capable of producing high-voltage bolts up to 9-feet long, Archer freely manipulates the arcs using energy from a massive Tesla coil. He then redirects the electricity from the wand into wet paint, on a sheet of clear glass. This creates cloud-like "galaxies" and "art storms." After the piece dries, he then hand-paints, stars, planets, comets and other heavenly bodies. The finished piece is opaque. When paired with a light source, each piece appears to glow and come alive. Archer's paintings vary in size and price. He's painted a variety of sizes including 8" x 36," 4' x 4' and 4' x 8.’

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