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Known Worldwide as the Tesla Coil Artist Who Paints Space Art With Millions of Volts of Electricity on Glass

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Put Things In Perspective With Space Art

Artist Dave Archer creates wondrous works of art using high-voltage electricity. Our gallery, Dave Archer Studios, features his artwork, created using nine-foot-long lightning bolts generated from a massive Tesla coil. Using a metal rod, he directs the energy into wet paint and then onto a sheet of glass. This technique creates three-dimensional "galaxies" onto which Archer then hand-paints planets, moons, and other heavenly bodies. Collect his pieces today and marvel at the wonder of the universe.


These paintings are unlike anything you've ever seen.

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About Us

Dave Archer Studios features the high-voltage artwork of world-renowned artist Dave Archer; whose work has been described by collectors as "breathtaking, sensational, and extraordinary." His electric paintings are uniquely created using a hand-held brush that channels energy from a Tesla Coil into space art on glass. Although they are made on a flat surface, his galaxies appear to be fluid and three-dimensional. They are admired by many from children and collectors to celebrities.

Archer's work has been showcased at exhibits around the world as well as featured in movies, television, and on book covers. If sold in a gallery, his paintings would cost $5,000 or more. We are featuring them online to his fans and collectors at prices starting at $1,400.


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